The Baha'i community in Walnut Creek numbers approximately 70-80 members.  We have frequent activities including the following:

Nineteen Day Feast -- This is the main meeting of the community to come together for prayer, to consult together, and to celebrate in a social gathering.  It occurs once every Baha'i month. In the Baha'i calendar there are nineteen months of nineteen days each, plus three or four intercalary days.

Local Spiritual Assembly meetings --  The elected officers of the community meet frequently to conduct the business of the community. The Baha'i Faith has no priests, only elected officers.

Children's Classes -- Instructing our children in ethics, morality, and the teachings of the Faith are very important in our community.

Teaching English -- Some of our members are from other countries, and Baha'is often teach English and perform other services to help them adapt to life here.

Study Classes -- Baha'i communities sponsor many meetings to study the fundamentals of the Faith and how it guides us in modern life.

Interfaith Activities -- Cooperating with other churches and religious organizations to improve the lives everyone in Contra Costa County is an ongoing pursuit.

Interfaith Devotionals -- An interfaith devotional is held at the Baha'i Center in Concord every Saturday at 10 am. The Walnut Creek Baha'i community hosts this devotional on the second Saturday of every month.

Service Projects -- Baha'is in the Walnut Creek Community engage in service projects such as feeding the homeless and the Adopt A Highway program. Some are currently overseas performing service in other countries.

Devotionals -- Members often conduct prayer meetings in their homes.

Holy Day Observances -- Baha'is celebrate a variety of Baha'i Holy days, including The Day of the Covenant (the day marking the start of the Babi Faith), Ridvan (the celebration marking the founding of the Baha'i Faith), the births and deaths of major figures of the Baha'i Faith, Naw Ruz (the Baha'i and Persian New Year), Ayyam-i-ha (Gift Giving Festival), and others.

Lectures and Discussions  -- Baha'i often come together to learn more about the Faith and its effect on their lives. Members may host meetings in their homes or a public meeting place to discuss topics of a spiritual nature.

Retreats -- There is a Baha'i retreat center in the mountains near Santa Cruz, CA, and it hosts classes, retreats, conferences, etc.

Social Gatherings -- The community may have activities of a purely social nature, just for the fun of it.

Terraces of the Shrine of the Bab
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Verily I say unto thee: Of all men the most negligent is he that disputeth idly and seeketh to advance himself over his brother. Say, O brethren! Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.
    -- Bahá’u’lláh
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